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Preserve Your Work of Art

A quality Oriental rug is an important investment that will last for generations if cared for properly. To protect your heirloom, always...
Keep a good quality pad underneath to prevent unnecessary friction and wear.
Vacuum or sweep at least twice a month.
Spot clean with mild soap and cold water to remove spills.
Rotate once a year to distribute traffic and prevent uneven wear.
Have the rug professionally cleaned every 1 to 2 years (more often if it is subjected to frequent heavy traffic).

While Oriental rugs are famous for their durability, some older carpets may need restoration. After all, most of these carpets were made to be used rather than collected. Restoration differs from repair in its efforts to accurately duplicate the materials and construction of the original piece. Worn areas can be rewoven, frayed ends can be secured, and the rug can be stitched or tinted.

Our specialists are trained to work on many different kinds of Oriental rugs with utmost skill, patience and attention to detail. They will help restore a rug’s beauty and elegance to its past glories so it may be cherished by present and future generations.

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